All engines and transmissions sold by Marco Engines LLC have an exceptional warranty. To ensure that you are
completely secure in this deal, we go above and beyond for you.

Return and Replacements

We provide a no-cost warranty since we cover the shipping expenses for all authorized returns and replacements.

Certified Professionals

Our ase-certified professionals have thoughtfully crafted a pre-installation guide to ensure the engine performs at its peak.

Replacement Warranty

6 months return and replacement warranty

Dedicated Support

Lifetime Support (Our in-house warranty team works with you to troubleshoot most frequent issues to prevent total engine failure).

Express Shipping

we generally ship orders within 3-5 business days(excluding weekends and holidays). though it’s sporadic, during some unavoidable circumstances, delivery might require some additional time.

Pre-installation Checks

We suggest you perform pre-installation checks before installing your engine or transmission. Pre-installation checks are crucial as they help the engine/transmission perform efficiently with enhanced durability.

Cultivated from our years of experience, the following are our installation guidelines, just for you:

  • tagTurbochargers- Superchargers, Turbos are not part of the long block, hence not warranted unless stated otherwise in written.
  • tagBefore signing the delivery, please check any physical damages on the used engine and used transmission. If you catch any damage, put it in notes under the delivery receipt and contact us immediately. DO NOT use merchandise before contacting us.
  • tagWe suggest inspecting all gaskets and seals and replacing them if needed. An engine that blows a head gasket or is overheated will automatically void the warranty.
  • tagPlease fully turn the crankshaft over before installation. Please contact us immediately if it doesn’t turn over.
  • tagFor a timing belt engine, the timing belt, tensioner, and its components should be replaced before installation. The timing belt, chains, and other components are not warranted and should be inspected thoroughly if the timing cover is easily removed.
  • tagYou should change the engine oil and replace the oil filter
  • tagDo add a new Anti-Freeze/ Coolant
  • tagPlease reseal your lower oil pan

We recommend installing the following parts along with the engine to get the optimum performance from the ordered used engine/ used transmission:

  • tagWater Pump
  • tagThermostat
  • tagRear main seal
  • tagNew belts and hoses
  • tagNew Air Filter and Fuel Filter
  • tagInstall and gap new spark plugs
  • tagNew gaskets on your valve covers
  • tagNew front crank seal
  • tagNew Radiator (Highly recommended)

For your convenience, you can download a copy of this guideline “HERE”, and take out a hard copy of it, hand it to your mechanic or installer, and rest assured for savoring a comfortable ride in your vehicle Again.

Warranty Terms

At Marco Engines LLC, we stand behind the quality of our used engines with our limited warranty. Our warranty covers the engine assembly only, including blocks, heads, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, rockers, and other internal components typically found in an engine assembly. While switches, sensors, cables, electronics, belts, hoses, and other auxiliary items may accompany the engine for convenience and protection during shipment, they are not covered under our warranty.

We strive to provide high-quality, well-performing old motors and transmissions, but appearance may vary. Please inspect all parts promptly upon receipt and contact our support line at 1-800-518-9776 to report any discrepancies. To ensure a smooth warranty claim process, we advise against declining shipments, as this may result in order cancellation terms being applied.

Cancellation Policy:

Orders cancelled after 24 hours of payment may incur a 20% restocking fee, along with two-way shipping costs if the merchandise has been shipped. We also reserve the right to charge for labor, freight, pallets, bubble wraps, straps, and other associated charges incurred in processing an order.

Returns and Replacements:

We will reimburse all shipping costs for warranty-certified returns. However, customers must provide us with the opportunity to address any issues with the engine or transmission before requesting a replacement or refund. Denying a replacement or requesting a refund without allowing us this opportunity may result in a 20% restocking fee being applied.

Compatibility and Verification:

While we employ VIN compatibility tools to ensure compatibility, additional information may sometimes be required. Customers providing false information or ordering the wrong engine may be responsible for two-way shipping costs and price differences for replacement orders.

Claim Process:

Customers have 30 days from the date of delivery to inform us of any issues with replaced engines or transmissions. Keeping a problematic item beyond this period may limit our ability to approve the claim.

Void Warranty Conditions:

Our warranty may be void if preinstallation checks are not followed, diagnostic reports are not provided by ASE certified mechanics, engines are not installed within 90 days of purchase, engines are damaged due to accidents or misuse, repairs are made without our confirmation, or merchandise is modified or not returned in its original condition.

Important Notes:

  • Our warranty is non-transferrable.
  • Labor charges are not covered unless specifically stated.
  • All deposits for holding parts or special orders are non-refundable.

For any questions or concerns regarding your purchase or warranty, please contact us promptly for assistance.

Please note that all electrical/electronic issues, oil leaks due to failed seals or gaskets, and damages resulting from overheating or lack of lubrication are not covered under warranty.