Honda GX270 SWC4 WNC 0105448 WNC 5000105448


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Honda GX270 SWC4 for Wacker equipment engine is engine is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications such as construction equipment, tillers, generators, welders, pumps and other industrial applications. As the world’s largest engine manufacturer, Honda has decided to apply a consistent method of rating engine power across all product lines; Auto, Motorcycle and Power Equipment; following the notion of ‘Net’ power, rather than ‘Gross’. We would like to aounce to you that Honda will be the first engine manufacturer to rate all general purpose engines at Net kW (Horsepower) in accordance with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) test procedure. At the same timing we will also change the way of indicating the torque values (also measured with the ‘Net’ setup), fuel consumption (change from g/ to L/hr) and fuel tank capacity.

Honda GX270 SWC4 WNC-0105448 WNC-5000105448 Specifications


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Honda GX270 SWC4 WNC 0105448 WNC 5000105448