Bell & Gossett Series e-80 3HP Pump Model 1.5 x 1.5 x 9.5B


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Bell & Gossett Series e-80 3HP Pump Model 1.5 x 1.5 x 9.5B with Premium Efficient ODP Motor Pump. ***Please note GPM and FT, plus exact operating voltage and phase requirements must be specified at time of order. ANSI 1.5” suction, 1.5” discharge companion flanges and gaskets supplied by others. We have applied the power of e to our Series e-80 close coupled and e-80SC split coupled in-line pumps to deliver the industries highest efficiencies, performance and durability. The new pumps feature stainless steel impellers and an expanded Efficiency Island for efficient pumping across the widest range of operational conditions. The e-80 is designed for vertical or horizontal in-line mounting. The e-80SC is designed for vertical pumping applications.

A Bell & Gossett Series e-80 pump works on the principle of converting driver energy to kinetic energy in a liquid by rushing the fluid to the outer edge of an impeller. The amount of energy given to the liquid is directly proportional to the velocity at the edge of the impeller. The quicker the impeller rotates then the advanced the velocity of the liquid at the tip and the greater the energy transferred to the liquid. In simple terms, the rotation moves the liquid from its access point through the casing, and finally to the outlet.


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