Bell & Gossett 1EF016LF e604S Series e-60 Pump 1/4 HP


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1EF016LF Bell & Gossett e604S Series e-60 Pump 1/4 HP Single Phase. The Bell & Gossett Series e-60 is a three-piece centrifugal in-line pump designed for HVAC, potable water, and other clean water applications in the residential and commercial markets. Series e-60 offers great value with class-leading hydraulic efficiency, long pump life, and easy serviceability. Quiet operation, a robust mechanical seal, and maintenance-free bearings make Series e-60 a truly worry-free, install-and-forget solution.

Ease of Selection: Series e-60 pumps come in 9 sizes, with 144 available stock models and many more Built-to-Order configurations. Both stock and BTO pumps are easily selectable using B&G pump selection and e-order software.

Simple, Versatile Installation: The Series e-60 mounts directly to system piping by its bolted flange connections, offering design flexibility and saving valuable floor space. As a replacement pump, the Series e-60 is a perfect drop-in solution, as flange- to-flange and intake/suction dimensions are identical to equivalent legacy Series 60 models — and even some competitors’ pumps.

Robust Design: The Series e-60 employs high quality components for smooth performance and long pump life. The pumps permanently lubricated rotating bearings come fully enclosed in Polyrex grease for true maintenance-free operation. The unitized mechanical seal offers better performance and longer life.

Ease of Service: Three-piece design allows for minimally invasive service. The motor, coupler, seal and impeller can all be repaired or replaced without removing the pump from its piping. The one-piece seal simplifies seal replacement, eliminating the clumsy task of assembling difficult seal components to the shaft.

Series e-60 ECM:

• Variable Speeds from 300-1725 RPM
• On-board dial for manual speed control
• 0-10V DC signal input for automatic control
• Quieter operation than standard induction motors • ECM up to 82% efficient at constant speed
• Click Here For More Information On The Bell & Gossett Series e-60 ECM Centrifugal Pumps

Bell & Gossett
Part Number:
Pump Size:
1.25 x 1.25 x 5.25
Impeller Diameter (in):
Motor HP:
1/4 ODP
Single 115/230v
Working Pressure:
175 PSI Max

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Bell & Gossett 1EF016LF e604S Series e-60 Pump 1/4 HP


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