Armstrong 110119MF-101 H-51-3 All Bronze Pump 1/4HP 3PH


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110119MF-101 Armstrong H-51 All Bronze Pump 1/4HP 3PH.

Armstrong In-Line Circulators are apart of the Series H. The 110119MF-101 Armstrong H-51 All Bronze Pump 1/4HP 3PH is suitable for hydronic heating and cooling, domestic water systems, multi-stage zoning and general industrial service applications. Built using a standard three-piece design that features a radially-split body, oversized shaft, centrifugal impeller, positive mechanical seal and modular construction, Armstrong Pumps Series H Circulators are a trusted, durable product that have been used by HVAC professionals for decades.


  • Standard three-piece design
  • Radially-split body: Can be left in-line while servicing pump, eliminating disconnecting of pipes
  • Oversized shaft: Made from special alloy steel
  • Centrifugal impeller: Ensures maximum water delivery in the HVAC system
  • Positive mechanical seal: ARMseal construction ensures many years of noise-free, trouble-free service
  • Modular construction: Unique shaft and bearing module fits for ease of serviceability and reduced inventory costs


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