Armstrong 110108MF-677 Raypak 2 Boiler Header Pump


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110108MF-677 Armstrong Raypak 2 Boiler Header Pump with 1/2 hp single phase motor and 4-1/2″ Impeller.

Armstrong in-line circulators are favoured by system designers and chiller/boiler manufacturers who prefer 3-piece construction for reliability, efficiency, and serviceability. Owing to our history of product innovation and a mandate for design compatibility, today’s models are direct substitutes for all compatible circulators built over the last 50 years.

Armstrong Gold Series – Pump Less Volute kits enable you to upgrade and renew circulators manufactured by others, to gain the benefits of Armstrong quality, service, and performance, along with these
design innovations:

  • Universal SBA sealed bearing assemblies.
  • One size fit’s all bearing module
  • Circular oil wick
  • Viton mechanical seal
  • Norly non-ferrous impeller

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Armstrong 110108MF-677 Raypak 2 Boiler Header Pump