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Generac 26kW Generator New Features

The New Generac 26kW Generator with the 200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch supplies your entire home during an outage and starts all your large appliances. Innovative new features set this Generac Guardian apart from the competition.

The Smart Grid Ready Generator becomes a virtual power plant during peak demand to reduce strain on the electrical grid and offsets monthly energy costs.

Save up to $8000 on Purchase and Installation costs over comparable liquid-cooled generators.

Enjoy 28% More Starting Power than competing products while taking up 68% less space than liquid-cooled generators with similar output capacity.

Installation connects the 26kW Generac standby generator to your home’s main circuit breaker panel through the automatic transfer switch. Your home’s existing natural gas or LP Propane connections provide fuel for the Generac G-Force 1000 Series Engine.

  • Natural Gas or LP Propane
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Utilty Supply
  • Automatic Start and Run during Power Outages
  • Runs until utility power is restored then shuts down automatically.

*ATS Sold Separately

26kW Generac Guardian Standby Generator

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS not included)* required for installation. With a Generac ATS, the 7291 generator uses built-in intelligent load management for up to four air conditioners and can manage up to eight additional 240-Volt loads with Smart Management Modules. The Generac 7290 is ideal for replacement installations using an existing compatible transfer switch.

True Power Technology brings best-in-class utility-grade electrical power quality to the Generac 7291. Less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion (THD) for electrical power that operates all your appliances and the most sensitive electronics. The generator regulates voltage to ± 1 percent while the controller maintains a constant 60 hertz frequency. Easily powers heavy loads like variable speed air conditioners or appliances with sensitive digital controls.

Generac engineered and built the 26kW Generator ’s 999cc G-Force engine in the USA specifically to meet the rigorous demands of a standby generator. “Spiny-loc” cast-iron cylinder walls offer better rigidity and durability for a long engine life. Pressurized lubrication and low oil pressure shutdown make these engines more reliable with less routine maintenance other air-cooled generator engines. Up to two years and 200 hours between oil changes. Dependable, stable power that keeps your home and family safe through extended outages in high temperatures and extreme conditions.

Evolution Controls. Smart and user-friendly illuminated buttons and a two-line, multilingual display provide homeowners with history logs, maintenance alerts, battery monitoring, and reports up to 50 stored events. The Generac 26kW Evolution Controller integrates a utility interrupt delay to prevent nuisance starts, the engine warmup period, and cool-down cycle. The user programmable exercise cycle runs the generator during weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly operation.

Quiet-Test mode exercises the 26kW generator engine at a lower RPM and just 58 dBA noise. The reduced engine speed uses less fuel and reduces wear and tear on the engine and alternator.

A Durable All-Weather, Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Enclosure with RhinoCoat Powder-coated finish keeps the Generac Guardian 7291 looking great through all weather conditions, even in harsh environments. Covered access locks keep out ice, snow, and debris to eliminate clogged keyholes and frozen locks. The Direct-to-Dirt Composite Pad eliminates the need for a pea gravel bed.

USA Engineered and Built with a Customer Care Call Center located in America’s Heartland that is manned around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Power to live. Generac. Reliable. Dependable. The Generac Promise. Count on Generac for peace of mind and a safe family home.

The Generac 26kW Generator ships with a 5-year limited consumer warranty. Properly maintained, your Generac Automatic Generator should provide twenty or more years of service. Extended warranties up to ten years are available.

*Automatic Transfer Switch Not Included

Generac 26kW Generator

The New 26kW Generac Guardian Generator is the largest and most powerful air-cooled generator on the market. It fits the same small footprint as other Guardian models and is certified for 18-inch to home installation. Complies with the 2017 NEC shutdown switch requirement.

Required Battery not included: 12V, Group 26R 550 CCA minimum or Group 35 AGM 650 CCA minimum.

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26kW Generator Smart Grid

Generac 26kW Generator Smart Grid Ready | 7290


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