Fischer Panda 8000x Marine Generator Supersilenced 8 KVA


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Generator for boats Fischer Panda 8000x single-phase 8 KVA, also called marine generator, with 3000 rpm motor. The Fischer Panda 8000x marine generator is designed with a soundproof cabin that makes it super-silent. The Fischer Panda 8000x marine generator is built with a Kubota diesel-powered engine. The Fischer Panda 8000x marine generator alternator is 2-pole with H insulation class. With its compact size and low weight, the Fischer Panda 8000x marine generator is also suitable for installation on small boats.


This digital control replaces the current VCS control and P6+ panel of Fischer Panda asynchronous generators. These generators are world-renowned and have been in operation for twenty-five years.In the age of modern data and energy communication systems, it is becoming increasingly important for the generator to be able to integrate with existing control and regulation systems. With the ”xControl”, Fischer Panda offers an extremely powerful and easy-to-use generator control system:* Plug & Play – reducing installation effortn* Modular system for easy expansio* Recording and display of operating datan* Full event recording – long-term servicen* Digital panel – easy to use and multilingualn* Communication interfacen* Self-test of all functionsThe ”xControl” consists of three main components which are coected together using quick-coect plugs. These are the digital panel, a coection box on the generator and the actual control unit. The intelligent communication of these three system components ensures reliable generator operation.

xControl – Servo (GC-S)

* Powerful, centralized generator control unitn* Easy to install and IP67 housingn* Automatic integration with box and coection paneln* One control for both 12 V and 24 V starter systemsn* Coects to other external communication systems via expansion modulesn* 100% temperature control

xControl – Coection Box – Generator (CB-G)

* Easy ”Plug & Play” installation with paneln* Coections for external componentsn* Splash water protection for coections

xControl – Generator (CP-G)

* Digital displayn* Easy to use menu structuren* Displays current, voltage, frequency and other performance datan* Multilingualn* Diagnostic and service modesn* Possibility of applications on more than one panel

Fischer Panda 8000x Marine Generator Supersilenced 8 KVA Specifications:

Phase : Single phasenMaximum power single phase (KW) : 6.8nContinuous power single phase (KW) : 6.1nMaximum power single phase (KVA) : 8nContinuous power single phase (KVA) : 7.2nFuel : DieselnFrequency (Hz) : 50nVoltage (V) : 230nEngine : KUBOTA Z482nEngine rpm (rpm) : 3000nSpeed governor : ElectronicnStarting system : ElectricnEngine capacity (cm³) : 479nNumber cylinders : 2nCooling : WaternPoles : 2nMotor insulation class : HnLength (mm) : 595nWidth (mm) : 445nHeight (mm) : 555nDry weight (Kg) : 164nSilenced : YesnSuper silenced : YesnProduct type : GeneratornVoltage regulator : CapacitornEngine manufacturer : Kubota

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Fischer Panda 8000x Marine Generator Supersilenced 8 KVA


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