Cummins RS25 Quiet Connect 25 kW Generator 120/208-Volts 3 Phase NG/LP | RS25


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Cummins RS25

The Cummins RS25 Natural Gas and LP Propane Generator for Home and Small Business backup. The 3 phase 120/208-volt generator has a robust design and undergoes rigorous testing. Designed to operate under extreme conditions, the generator starts in temperatures down to -40° F. The RS25 is code compliant with U.S. EPA emissions requirements, is UL-2200 listed, IBC Seismic, and NFPA 110 capable with the correct accessories and installation.

Cummins includes a 2-Year base warranty and offers extended warranty options.

Cummins 25 kW Generator

The 25 kW Generator has a flexible exercise mode to fit the needs of any installation. Set the generator to exercise at specific times, on a regular schedule, for as little as 2 minutes every six months.

An advanced, powder-coated aluminum enclosure withstands wind loads up to 180 MPH in accordance with ASCE 7-10. Add the enclosure sound level 2 upgrade kit and reduce sound to 64dBA. Service doors and removable panels simplify access for service and maintenance.

Cummins RS Series Generators feature PowerCommand 1.1 Electronic Control for automatic starts and stops, output metering, auto-shutdown for fault detection, and NFPA 110 Level 1 compliance. PowerCommand regulates voltage to ±1% and frequency to 0.25% at 60 Hertz.

Cummins Quiet Connect Generator

Cummins RS25 generator engine is a natural gas/propane engine. Fuel type is selectable in the field.

The 2.4 liter naturally aspirated in-line 4-cylinder engine has a cast-iron block. Starting system is a 12-volt negative ground with a 550-Amp capacity down to 0° F. Uses a spin-on oil filter with relief valve. Rated speed is 1800 RPM.

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RS25 Quiet Connect 25 kW Generator

Cummins RS25 Quiet Connect 25 kW Generator 120/208-Volts 3 Phase NG/LP | RS25


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